Katrina Commemoration – Stream Free thru Sept. 4, 2015

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Background photo: Spencer Weiner / SAWfoto.com. Foreground photo: Leah Mahan.

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More ways to explore the legacy of Hurricane Katrina

Until September 4th, WORLD Channel will provide a free stream of Come Hell or High Water: The Battle for Turkey Creek at bit.ly/TurkeyCreekPlease let your networks know! 

Build on the #KatrinaStories dialogue by including the hashtag and #Battle4TurkeyCreek in your Tweets. On the day of the encore broadcast of the film (August 25), WORLD Channel hosted a  #KatrinaStories Twitter Chat with filmmakers Leah Mahan (Come Hell or High Water), Leo Chiang (A Village Called Versailles), Luisa Dantas (Land of Opportunity) and Monique Verdin (My Louisiana Love). Keep the conversation going!

On August 25, The New Republic podcast Intersection posted a program titled It’s Not Mother Nature Who’s Racist, that features Derrick Evans, Brentin Mock and Jacqui Patterson. In July, the magazine published an article titled After The Deluge: Building climate justice from the wreckage of Hurricane Katrina, that focuses on Turkey Creek.

On August 26, ABC News posted Turkey Creek: Surviving the Storm, featuring several of Derrick’s cousins and footage from Come Hell or High Water.

On August 29, the anniversary of Katrina, a special screening of Come Hell or High Water in San Francisco will feature a discussions with youth leaders from Literacy for Environmental Justice.

Gulf Coast Katrina Commemoration Events

From now through the end of August, Gulf Coast communities will come together to commemorate ten years since Katrina made landfall. Bridge The Gulf shared a list of what’s happening this week at various locations across the coast. 

Upcoming Film Events

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