Come Hell or High Water: The Battle for Turkey Creek

THIS INTIMATE FILM TELLS A GIGANTIC STORY … It’s about everything that matters in our society.”


A POWERFUL FILM for all those interested in social and environmental justice.”

– Stephen L. Hupp, LIBRARY JOURNAL

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND this documentary film about a middle school teacher who leads an environmental justice battle in a historic African American community in Mississippi.”

– Deborah Menkart, TEACHING FOR CHANGE

VIEWERS WILL BE TOUCHED by Evans’ courage and self-sacrifice and gain insight into the region’s historical, environmental, and racial issues.”

– Candance Smith, BOOKLIST

EXPOSES RAW IN-YOUR-FACE Mississippi politics … a perfect lesson that we are not living in a post-racial era.”

– Dr. Robert Bullard, Dean, School of Public Affairs, TEXAS SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY

A POWERFUL STORY of one man’s good fight.”



“The story, like any good Southern Gothic, starts out slow. But things really pick up when the mayor of Gulfport calls the activists of Turkey Creek ‘dumb bastards.’ And just when you think victory is at hand, Hurricane Katrina nearly wipes the community out. Turkey Creek is a small story with a big message.”

– David Freeman, JUST SEEN IT

Turkey Creek

“Like the rest of coastal Mississippi, Turkey Creek was reeling four weeks after Katrina. But residents of this venerable settlement also were looking forward — reasoning that the hurricane might bring recognition to one of southern Mississippi’s few historic areas to survive the storm.”

– ELIZABETH MEHREN, Los Angeles Times

Bridge the Gulf

“Residents of Gulf Coast neighborhoods … have stories to tell and also possess the basic tools to tell them; by providing a public forum, Bridge the Gulf weaves those stories together into a larger, crowdsourced narrative that’s more powerful than the sum of its parts.”

– KRISTIN MOE, Yes! Magazine